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Document Checklist

This document checklist helps you to create slide presentations meeting highest professional standards. Heinrich used a version of this checklist during his time in consulting.

Consulting Slide Templates

Access key slide templates commonly used in consulting. These slide examples follow the Firm Learning principle of "Every Slide is a Table". Heinrich used slides like this regularly throughout his career.

Chart Selection Guide

Do you regularly work with data and need to create powerful data visualizations? It is not always easy to choose the best chart type for the data at hand. This guide helps you to visualize your analyses in the best way.

Consulting Interview Checklist

Are you interviewing for consulting positions soon? Download this checklist with key steps you should follow when preparing for consulting interviews. Lots of success to you!

Net Worth Tracker

Getting your personal finances right as a professional is key to set yourself up for success. Track your net worth to understand your financial progress. This is the template Heinrich uses himself.